CHVRCHES’ “Leave A Trace” video is an unintentional ‘Captain Planet’ tribute

Scottish trio CHVRCHES released their new music video for “Leave A Trace” today, and musically, it’s everything we’ve come to expect from the group—super-catchy alt-pop with just enough electro glitches and vocal tics to keep your attention. The video, however, is 100 percent a tribute to Captain Planet, in this humble writer’s eyes. Over the course of the four-minute clip, you’ll see frontwoman Lauren Mayberry stomp around on earth, have fog blown about her and writhe around in water just inches away from fire—aka all four natural elements. But as all ’90s kids know, the most important element is heart, and “Leave A Trace” is loaded with that. I half-expected Captain Planet himself to zoom down and rescue Mayberry from whatever weird, elemental purgatory she was somehow placed in. While it’s highly doubtful the band meant for the music video to be a tribute to one of the best Saturday morning cartoons ever, a guy can dream, right?

So there you have it, folks: The world’s shakiest comparison, stretched out as far as possible to meet minimum word count on a slow Monday morning. Whether you agree or not, at least watch the video and dance behind your desk like I’m doing right now, okay?

CHVRCHES’ sophomore album Every Open Eye is out September 25 via Glassnote Music (and spoiler alert: It’s gooooood).