Another new Nirvana demo has leaked, and this one is nine minutes long

The seemingly never-ending treasure trove of Nirvana-related rarities has continued to give and give recently, and today is no exception. Behold, “E-Coli,” a previously unreleased Nirvana demo, was dropped unsuspectingly via Reddit yesterday, and it’s just about everything you could want in an outtake. Exceptionally long? Check. (It’s nearly nine minutes in length.) Super-sludgy riffs and Kurt Cobain howling something completely unintelligible? You better believe it. Incredibly low recording quality? Like you’d expect anything else. So in a way, “E-Coli” is the perfect Nirvana song, except for the fact that after you play it once, you’ll likely never feel the need to listen to it again (unless you really need a soundtrack to sharpen your knives with one hand while simultaneously smearing lipstick all over your face with the other). Take a listen below, and then go ahead and ponder over our crackpot theory that Dave Grohl is the one behind all of these leaks. (Seriously, crazier things have happened, right?)