Alvarez Kings Warped Tour diary #4: An exploding windshield, a Vegas vacation and a Simmons sighting

photo: Mark J. Hillyer

Hey, Substreamers! Sean from Alvarez Kings giving you the latest updates on this roller coaster tour.

The bus trouble continues—although this time there wasn’t any mechanical failure or problems. Yet once again we were forced to evacuate in the middle of the night after some dumbass kids decided to throw a water balloon from a bridge at the buses in convoy. Funny idea, until that water balloon hits your windshield at 75mph! That’s like a concrete slab coming through. Five inches to the right and it could have killed our driver and therefore taken us off the road and we’d have died in our bunks. Fortunately despite the devastation, our incredible driver Les pulled us over smoothly, with a face covered in blood and glass. He was a little shaken up but the bus was a wreck. Glass everywhere, and the windshield wiper flew past our drummer’s head at the back of the bus. So once again, the bus had to be taken out for repairs leaving us having to travel on the other buses. Thankfully our stage crew’s bus had space for us, so we had a lot of fun on our overnight drive to Las Vegas.

Once we got to Vegas, we had a lot of fun too! We grabbed a stretch Hummer downtown to the strip screaming our lungs out to some ’80s hair metal classics. Plenty of poolside antics and lots of boozing on our days off helped us get through our ordeal. We had great fun in Vegas but can’t help but feel if you want to go there you have to take a lot of money for gambling at the strip.

We had a few friends on the tour get really lucky, One person put four dollars down and walked out with $2,000. Another guy won $14,000! We just stumbled around thinking this is like Piccadilly Circus on a Saturday night only you can’t take a left and have a chill out in a Soho speakeasy. A bit too much for us.

Yesterday, while wandering ’round Warped Tour in San Diego, we bumped into Gene Simmons of KISS—that was definitely one of the coolest things on the tour. But today, we are en route to lake Shasta to hang out on some boats and have a BBQ lakeside. Rockstar life ain’t too bad, aye!

—Simon, Paul, Sean, Rich