Sum 41, a band that has sold 30 million records worldwide, is crowd-funding their new album

As we first mentioned last week, Sum 41 is on the comeback trail—but apparently that comeback trail doesn’t include an advance from a major label anymore. Keep in mind, this is a band that has one platinum and two gold records to their name in the U.S. alone, not to mention their massive popularity overseas and in their home country of Canada—they’ve reportedly sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. But times are tough for everyone, and because of that, Deryck Whibley & Co. are turning to their fans to finance the making of their sixth studio album via PledgeMusic. Unlike some bands who use PledgeMusic as a glorified pre-order for an already-completed album, this appears to actually be funding the costs, as the band are offering up opportunities such as joining them in the studio (for $500) and a disposable camera used in the recording sessions (for $150). So now, you have to ask yourself: How badly do you really want a picture of Cone’s butt farting onto a snare drum that you then have to take to Walgreen’s to get developed and get looked at funny? Think about it while watching the band’s hype video below.