So the drummer of a metalcore band is going to run for office in Ohio as a white supremacist candidate

And to think, I had just remarked to myself, “Man, today sure is a slow news day.” Not anymore: It turns out that Tony Hovater, former drummer of Ohio metalcore band the Paramedic [pictured above left], has left behind the music scene for politics, which is totally fine—except for the fact that he’s apparently affiliating himself with a new political party called the Traditional Workers’ Party, created by noted nationalist Matthew Heimbach, someone frequently identified as a white supremacist who once founded a white power group in college called the White Student Union and has frequently spoken out against the Jewish people. According to this Al Jazeera America article, Hovater plans on running for a city council seat in New Carlisle, Ohio, a small town (population 5,785) outside of Dayton, later this year, as the excerpt below states:

“Tony Hovater, Heimbach’s friend and party comrade, is running for a City Council seat in New Carlisle later this fall. Heimbach puts his chances at about 50/50, maybe more if the party manages to get out the blue-collar vote. If all goes well, Heimbach will run for state legislature in 2016, and then the plan is to grow the party from there.”

Hovater played drums for the Paramedic for a few years, leaving the band after the release of their 2012 full-length Smoke & Mirrors on Bullet Tooth. If the Paramedic’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably not because of their music (which isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel)—it’s likely because of a Facebook post from their singer, Mike Luciano, wrote a few months ago in which he throws shade at everyone and everything from Caitlyn Jenner to Warped Tour to “white guys.” This is the same band who once created—and inexplicably still sells—a T-shirt which says in large print, “BITCH SAY ONE MORE WORD I’LL RIP YOUR FUCKING THROAT OUT.” So clearly, it appears that both the current and ex-members of the Paramedic are prone to making some bad life decisions. If you really want to hear what they sound like, you can watch their music video for “Eddie Would Be So Proud” (featuring Hovater on drums) below:

The one nice thing we can say about this entire situation, though, is that despite how messed-in-the-head Hovater and Heimbach might be, at least they’re big supporters of brinner, as the Al Jazeera America article reveals:

“’What is America?’ Heimbach says as he pulls into a Waffle House on the outskirts of Cincinnati to pick up Tony and Scott, friends of his who are also party members. The members of the Traditional Workers Party often meet at the Waffle House, he explains, because of their love of brinner, or breakfast food for dinner.”

Can’t we all just get along? Preferably over an All-Star Special?