PREMIERE: Time Spent Driving’s “Skin And Knees” is a true emo-rock throwback

For some, the name Time Spent Driving reminds them of the classic Emo Diaries compilations on Deep Elm Records (they were included on the seventh volume of the series). For others, they might bring to mind the heyday of Doghouse Records, as the band released a three-way split 7-inch with Favez and Scott Richter of Metroschifter through the label in 2001. Depending on how old-school you truly are, you might even remember the band from their track on a very, very old Rise Records compilation, well before that label became known for heavy music. The point of this history lesson is this: Time Spent Driving aren’t a part of the emo revival so much as they are a part of emo’s DNA, period. Now, the Santa Cruz, California, band are back with their first new material in eight years, the powerful, classic-sounding Passed & Presence, and we’re thrilled to be debuting the Jealous Sound-esque power ballad “Skin And Knees” today. Frontman Jon Cattivera explains:

“Sometimes the best songs are the ones that sound like they’re about someone else, when they’re really about yourself. Historically most of our songs have been about someone else or something else—but the perspective on this album is a lot more from the outside looking in, and this one’s an example of that. The bulk of this song was written years ago, probably around 2007, and reiterated once we started playing again. We didn’t want to be afraid of keeping it raw, straightforward and simple in a way that we feel is uncharacteristic and a little uncomfortable for us.”

Passed & Presence comes out July 21 on Cardigan Records and can be pre-ordered here.