PREMIERE: Sons Of Strangers team up with MxPx’s Mike Herrera for the melancholy “Farewell Friend”

You’ve probably never heard of Ardmore, Oklahoma, before. That’s not too surprising: It’s the kind of small town you speed by on the highway on the way to Dallas from Oklahoma City, a place where three of its six FM radio stations are programmed for nothing but country music and the only famous folks to come out of the area are a handful of football players and the guy who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan. One listen to Sons Of Strangers‘ new album The Sailor. The Sea. and it’s clear this quartet is influenced by their surroundings but not necessarily inspired by them, which results in passionate bursts of heartland punk that could be the cousin of the Gaslight Anthem’s Sink Or Swim. Today, we’re debuting their brand new song “Farewell Friend,” which features none other than Mike Herrera, best known as the frontman for MxPx and also for his more country-tinged project Tumbledown. Vocalist/guitarist Jon Ashley White tells the story of how he landed the pop-punk legend for a guest spot on their new album:

“I met Mike Herrera in Oklahoma City in 2012 at an acoustic show. About a year later, we made the trip to Bremerton, Washington, to record our first full-length, ‘Bringing The Sun Up/Taking The Sun Down,’ which Mike produced and also played bass on. Ever since we’ve been pretty good friends keeping in contact. I knew we had to get him on this project one way or another. We’re big fans of MxPx and Tumbledown and we are super-grateful to him for lending his voice to the track.”

The Sailor. The Sea. comes out July 14 on Wiretap Records and can be preordered here.