PREMIERE: Slow And Steady’s “Watching Life Go By” is indie rock at its most intensely cathartic

Jacob Lawter currently functions under the moniker Slow And Steady, but his life in the past year has been anything but. After relocating himself to Austin, Texas, for a work opportunity, he found himself burglarized over Christmas, finding that not his musical equipment he had taken years to collect was stolen but his pet cat went missing in the aftermath, lost outdoors in an unseasonably cold Austin winter. Lawter’s not had it easy these past 18 months, but the axiom that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is as true as it’s ever been: The lyrics on Slow And Steady’s new album, In Time We Belong, are at times melancholy and at other points angry, with Lawter’s songs musically falling somewhere in between Mansions and Control-era Pedro The Lion. The result is a powerful collection of intensely cathartic indie rock, and we are thrilled to present to you the album’s opening track, “Watching Life Go By,” today. Lawter explains:

“As soon as I wrote the opening chord progression of ‘Watching Life Go By,’ I knew it would be the opening track on the record. Lyrically, it almost reads as an epilogue to the overall narrative of the album, but ultimately I decided to keep it as the introduction. Similar to how a documentary might begin, it leads with the conclusion and then explores how it was arrived upon throughout the course of the next nine tracks.”

In Time We Belong comes out August 14 on Broken Circles and can be pre-ordered here. (Oh, and don’t worry: His cat ended up coming home.)