PREMIERE: Sledding With Tigers’ “Retirement” is the perfect kickoff to their ‘Space Jam’ tribute

photo: Cari Veach Photography

While it was a huge hit upon its initial release in 1996, the Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny vehicle Space Jam has somehow continued to have a surprising amount of cultural relevance—even if it’s just ironically—for nearly 20 years. Perhaps part of the appeal in recent years was how people discovered the official Space Jam website was somehow still active, years and years later. Maybe ’90s kids just really need something from their youths to fall in love with all over again. Maybe everyone remembers how subversively awesome the Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs nods were. Regardless, San Diego bluegrass-punk unit Sledding With Tigers decided to take their fandom to the next level, creating Come On And Slam, a seven-track album exclusively inspired by and dedicated to Space Jam. Today, we’re bringing you the first track off that release, “Retirement.” It’s a perfect opening to the record, summing up Michael Jordan’s decision to leave basketball behind and try his hand at baseball. (If you’ve seen the movie, you know what happens next.) Come On And Slam will be released July 31 via Antique Records and can be pre-ordered physically and digitally.

If you’d like to celebrate the release of Come On And Slam with the band, they’re throwing a free show at Gym Standard in San Diego on August 8 (RSVP).