PREMIERE: Podacter’s gruff-punk anthem “Absurdity In Everything” tries to find meaning in the meaningless

Do you remember that feeling that washed over you the first time you heard Latterman’s No Matter Where We Go..! or the Gaslight Anthem’s Sink Or Swim? Y’know, that feeling of unfettered excitement for punk rock getting loose and anthemic again while still having important things to say? That’s the same feeling we get when listening to the debut album from New Jersey quartet Podacter. The group, birthed out of the 2012 breakup of Jump Start Records band Crucial Dudes, retains plenty of the melodicism and catchiness the Dudes were known for. But frontman Billy Bollinger found himself in need of digging a little bit deeper in this band, for the sake of his own mental health. Today, we’re premiering “Absurdity In Everything,” a powerful anthem influenced in part by a very famous graphic novel.

“‘Absurdity In Everything’ is about finding meaning in the meaningless. The inspiration for some lines came from Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’ and the line ‘absurdity in everything’ is a slight reference to a tattoo Eric’s brother, Ferg, has that I always thought was pretty cool. Dude gets it. “

Plays The Millennial Blues comes out August 14 via Secret Audio Club and can be pre-ordered here.

Catch Podacter all over the East Coast this summer, as well as this fall at the Fest in Gainesville, Florida:

7/31 – Atlantic City, NJ @ The Boneyard w/Broken Field Runner
8/2 – Long Island, NY @ The Wood Shop w/Broken Field Runner
8/21 – Rochester, NY @ Boulder Coffee Company
8/28 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA (record release show)
10/31 – @Gainesville, FL @ THE FEST