PREMIERE: MakeWar’s “Against The Rules” is a punky shot about the excitement of infidelity

Brooklyn, New York, power trio MakeWar plays a kind of punk rock that’s urgent and forceful, the kind of stuff that goes over big at the Fest but even bigger at basement shows when the walls are sweating all over you (or maybe that’s just the people on either side of you). Originally known as Sad And French, the project began as a solo acoustic venture but has morphed into a plugged-in and amped-up threesome—but there was no point in leaving those old Sad And French songs behind, right? So the band has re-recorded Sad And French’s self-titled debut LP as their self-titled debut LP, and today, we’re bringing you the track “Against The Rules,” a number about forbidden love and the tolls it takes. Vocalist/guitarist Jose Prieto elaborates:

“Sometimes relationships work and sometimes they don’t. We broke up and kept hooking up for a while until she decided to get married to the dude she was seeing at the time. ‘Against The Rules’ is about the time when she was with him but still seeing me. I didn’t mind. It was exciting to break the rules, you know? I finish the song with a hypothetical ‘rom-com’ movie part where she is waiting for me to object and scream her name on her wedding day. But life isn’t a movie. That shit doesn’t happen. I ain’t Hank Moody.”

MakeWar will be released this fall via Black Numbers and can be pre-ordered here.