PREMIERE: Home Movies takes aim at religious hypocrisy in “Faith And Folly”

You may have come across Los Angeles quartet Home Movies under their previous name, Stanley And The Search, as they crisscrossed America with This Legend, Dear You and Bad Luck in May. But for their new EP, the Kyle Black-produced Hell, the band decided to update their name to go along with their updated sound and updated lineup. Home Movies’ new songs are knotty post-hardcore a la Polar Bear Club with soaring vocals that wouldn’t be terribly of place on an Acceptance album, and they carry a sense of urgency found in all your favorite pop-punk bands. These five tracks were born out of adversity and frustration—especially “Faith And Folly,” which is an incredibly blunt attack on those who refuse to practice what they preach, in the most literal sense possible. Frontman Dominic Padilla explains:

“This song is the culmination of experiences from certain heavily religious people I’ve come across in my life. There’s a big difference in being strong in what you believe in and badgering someone with what you believe. This song calls out the hypocrites who thump bibles and look down on others because they don’t believe the same thing.”

Hell comes out August 7 via Animal Style Records and can be pre-ordered here.