PREMIERE: Go on a suburban crime spree in Everything Ever’s “Big Ideas” music video

photo: Melissa Martella

There’s always been a weird dividing line between the popular punk and emo of the mid-2000s and the more “credible” punk and emo of the same era. Spoiler alert: All the “cool” bands you like from that time listened to Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday too. That’s why New York City trio Everything Ever is refreshing: Their sound is a mish-mash of the best parts of Bomb The Music Industry! with your favorite songs off Say Anything’s …Is A Real Boy and just a hint of what made My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge such a fun listen. The lyrics on Everything Ever’s new album, Solid Ground, are incredibly verbose open-book confessionals with a sense of humor, and the music is perfectly arranged, hyperkinetic pop-punk that isn’t afraid of guitar solos and just a little bit of sass. One of the album’s finest songs is “Big Ideas,” a massive sing-along that has been brought to life by director Kevin Rogers of Backslash Bombs Productions. Frontman Andrew Paladino explains:

“‘Big Ideas’ is the song that acts as the turning point on ‘Solid Ground’ where I go from assessing and lamenting the situation I’m in to actually doing stuff about it, for better or worse. The music is really fun and it takes a ton of energy and focus to play live, which makes it even more fun for us.”

Solid Ground is out now via Secret Audio Club; grab it digitally or on vinyl.

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7/14/15 | New York, NY // Littlefield w/Sinai Vessel
7/27/15 | New Brunswick, NJ // House Show
8/13/15 | Brooklyn, NY // House Show
8/22/15 | Rochester, NY // Bug Jar w/ Hidden Hospitals, Math The Band, Secret Pizza