PREMIERE: Get a dose of “doom metal meets trip-hop” in Celldweller’s “Precious One” lyric video

Detroit-based electronic musician Klayton, known the world over by his nom de danse Celldweller, has been around the block more than a few times and has seen interest in EDM and industrial music rise and fall and rise again—but he’s never been one to try to jump on trends. If anything, he blazes them himself. His most recent creative endeavor, the four-part End Of An Empire series, concludes with the release of Chapter 04: Death, the centerpiece of which is most certainly “Precious One.” The song is a near-7-minute exploration of prog metal, industrial beats, a guttural scream or two and soaring choruses, and it’s probably unlike anything else you’ve heard this year. We’re thrilled to bring you the official lyric video for the track, the story of which Celldweller himself, Klayton, explains in a bit more detail:

“‘Precious One’ is the track that lyrically attaches itself to the concept of ‘Death.’ I didn’t want to do something predictable and expected, so lyrically, I wrote it from the perspective of the Gatekeeper, who is the character that lovingly ushers people from this life to the next. Musically, when I started this track I only had two goals to shoot for—doom metal meets trip-hop. Hopefully, I pulled it off.”

End Of An Empire (Chapter 04: Death) comes out July 17 on FiXT and can be pre-ordered here.