PREMIERE: Foxfires’ “Wanderlust Curse” is a perfect fusion of hardcore and rock ‘n’ roll

photo: Conor Hobbs

There was a huge push in the early-to-mid-2000s for hardcore to grow up a little bit—you can only write the same mosh parts so many times. So when Four Year Strong keyboardist Josh Lyford left the band, he wanted to pick up a microphone and create something hard and heavy, but with some swagger—and Foxfires was born. It’s taken them five long years to complete their debut full-length, Pinetum, but with one listen to their new song “Wanderlust Curse,” you’ll know it was worth the wait. Lyford explains:

“‘Wanderlust Curse’ is about falling into those ruts in life and having to scrape your way back out, or stay to rot and die. It was kind of an observation I had; I was pretty sure about who I was and what I represented throughout my youth. I had problems, just like anyone else, but at the end of the day I always knew where I stood. As the years go by and there are a number of outside influences—relationships, jobs, different responsibilities and loss—you can lose some of that in the shuffle. It’s all a roller coaster, juggling the stark truth of reality against that personal need for growth and change. You almost need a foot on the rat-race mouse wheel to survive, but you don’t want to fall in and completely lose yourself.”

Pinetum comes out this October on Escapist Records and can be pre-ordered here soon.