PREMIERE: Counterculture’s “Gridlock” is a brutal blast of metalcore with a message

Good Morning, Gorgeous had been kicking around the Austin, Texas, metal scene for the past few years, garnering a little bit of attention for their debut EP Capstone and creating a solid buzz on social media. But at some point, the metalcore quintet realized that there’s more to life than merch sales and Facebook likes. So earlier this year, the band began to reinvent themselves. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to Good Morning, Gorgeous, and hello to Counterculture. The band are just as heavy as they used to be—honestly, they’re even heavier—but everything feels more focused and with a sense of purpose beyond “let’s see this fucking pit open up.” Vocalist Drew Buckner explains where his mind was at when he wrote the new band’s debut single, “Gridlock,” which we are premiering today:

“Everything and everyone around me just all seemed to become so played and dragged out. I was stuck in the everyday motions that began to turn into an endless spiral of not understanding. Just on the grid expressing nothing except the pain of being held down. That’s why this movement began. This is why the energy of Counterculture is growing everyday. It was time for a change. Welcome.”

“Gridlock” is taken from Counterculture’s currently untitled debut full-length, which will be released later this year on a label to be announced.

And I become so empty, when the world speaks
Numb to the message
Numb to the meaning

Please help me because I’m trying to understand

My ears and tongue begin to swell
Until I have gone deaf
After they’ve watched me eat every word I’ve confessed
What a crowded prison my mind becomes
When all is silent

Surrounded by many,
Yet truth is I don’t know you
You don’t know me
This path has slimmed to a tight rope
One foot in front of the other

I once was a man that could easily breathe
Fighting these habits is make me weak
Weak in my stomach, weak in my heart
The man that I am will go back to the start

Sick and tired, I’m so sick and tired
Of mimicking these ways
Open wide, I can’t close my eyes
Grinding teeth until the sun wakes


Life on a grid, life on a grid
I’ve been living
Life on a grid, life on a grid
I’ve been living

I’m in this hole
It’s getting deeper and deeper
I’m trying to claw my way out