PREMIERE: Blithe’s “So Pretty” is a tightly wound post-punk banger about a seedy strip club

Upon first listen to Blithe‘s debut EP, False Sense Of Entitlement, you might think these guys are from the hippest part of Brooklyn. That’s not meant to be a slight, either: Their sound is that of tightly wound post-punk with a kinetic energy that is undeniable and just a hint of sex to keep things lively. So you might be surprised to find out they’re actually from San Antonio, Texas, only a few hours from the Mexican border—which actually kind of explains it. The brutally oppressive heat, the occasionally ass-backward politics and the weird undervaluing of human life makes music feel a bit more real, as opposed to whatever might be tumbling out of Williamsburg. Take for example “So Pretty,” a danceable, aggressive number that was inspired by a local gentleman’s club—but T-Pain’s “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper)” it’s not. Guitarist James Cameron Taylor elaborates:

“It was inspired by the harsh reality of a lifestyle at the Candilejas strip club. A member of the band knows someone who worked there and based it off that gritty underworld dedicated to looking so pretty.”

False Sense Of Entitlement comes out July 28 via Texas Is Funny Records and can be pre-ordered here.