PREMIERE: Adult Dude’s “Riff Dog” is a straight shot of Superchunky pop-punk goodness

Brooklyn, New York’s Adult Dude peddle in a sound that’s rooted in the basis of punk—high energy, distorted guitars, relatively simplistic chord progressions—but also expands horizons with vocals that are sometimes syrupy, sometimes yelpy and quick little guitar leads that will stand out. Basically, it’s like that moment when Bob Mould went from Hüsker Dü to Sugar and realized, “Hey, I’m pretty fucking good at writing songs.” More directly, it’s pretty much the exact same formula of every great Superchunk song of the past two decades, and there’s nothing wrong with learning from the greats, as Adult Dude does on their debut album, Adult Moods. A perfect example of this is “Riff Dog,” a three-minute rocker that’s earnest and exciting, and, played in front of the right crowd, might even elicit a little bit of a push-mosh (not that we endorse such a thing). Vocalist/guitarist Anthony Tinnirella elaborates:

“‘Riff Dog’ was a pretty-much-wrote-itself kinda thing. The first time we ever played the song at practice it was more or less exactly as it is today. It’s a burner.”

Adult Moods comes out July 31 on Animal Style Records and can be pre-ordered here.

If you live in Brooklyn (or feel like taking a road trip), Adult Dude is playing the Gigawatts Festival July 26 with the likes of Braid, Laura Stevenson, Beach Slang, Chumped and many more.