Front Porch Step’s Warped Tour set was part of a therapist-dictated recovery process, says Kevin Lyman

The internet exploded yesterday with the news of Jake Mcelfresh, aka Front Porch Step, being added to the Warped Tour lineup in Nashville, Tennessee—a shock to many, given that Mcelfresh had been removed from the tour after serious allegations of sexual misconduct had arisen late last year. Dozens of musicians on the tour spoke out via social media against Mcelfresh being put back on the bill, and the Wonder Years frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell even canceled his solo acoustic set as Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties in response. Many wondered if he was being added back to the tour permanently, and what precautions were being taken to protect attendees. Tour founder Kevin Lyman held an open meeting last night in Nashville for any interested parties on Warped to attend, and more than 100 people showed up. Lyman spoke about Mcelfresh’s struggles in the months following his public condemning, confirming that Mcelfresh, now a Nashville resident, has been under a therapist’s care for some time now, and it was actually at the therapist’s suggestion that Mcelfresh perform at Warped to help his recovery along. Mcelfresh was not paid for his performance, he will not perform on any other dates of Warped Tour this summer and two security guards escorted him around the grounds for both his safety and the safety of others. You can read a full recap of Lyman’s discussion below.