Did you know the Early November’s Ace Enders wrote the new Nico & Vinz song (and Nestea jingle)?

Ace Enders is pretty much the aww-shucksiest guy in contemporary punk rock. The Early November frontman does nothing but write jam after jam (TEN’s new album, Imbue, is just the latest example) and grinds it out in the dingier rock clubs of America without nary a complaint on his tongue, so to see him strike gold—even if it’s with someone else singing—is totally heartwarming and totally deserving. Enders revealed via Instagram a few weeks ago that he was responsible for writing “Fresh Idea,” the new single from Norwegian R&B duo Nico & Vinz, that is also doubling as the new jingle for Nestea.


Now, two weeks later, with the “Fresh Idea” music video eclipsing an astonishing four million views, Enders took to Instagram again to comment on its surprise success, remarking, “Nothing I have ever written has had 4 million anything in 2 weeks. I can’t describe how awesome this feels.”


Congratulations go out to Enders for his songwriting success! If you’d like to hear the song, all you have to do is press “play.”

And since you asked, here’s my personal favorite song Ace Enders has ever written: