Dangerkids to Trapt: “Maybe you should hang it up”; Trapt to Dangerkids: “Your band sucks!”

Nothin’ like a good slab of nü-metal beef to start off your week, right? Whether you like it or not, we know you remember who Trapt is—they had that one song, “Headstrong,” and then, uh, no others. But they’re still a band, 12 long years after their 15 minutes expired, and apparently as their record sales decreased, their egos increased. According to Andy Bane, vocalist for Rise Records band Dangerkids (who take their fair share of influence from nü metal, too), Trapt got into a verbal altercation with a local band named Too Far Lost before their show at the Stanhope House in Stanhope, New Jersey, on July 26, which TFL was slated to open. Allegedly, Trapt told TFL they couldn’t sell merch at the show, then as the two bands confronted each other, members of Trapt called members of TFL “fat and worthless,” and then tried to get one of TFL’s members to swing on him. Cool, dude! You can read Bane’s full comments below, as well as see the video of the end of the confrontation:

After Bane made his post on Trapt’s Facebook wall, an unknown member of the band (presumably lead singer Chris Taylor Brown) left repeated comments toward Bane, first saying:

“Andy Bane, worry about your own band and your own career and maybe writing a song that people like. Our one Top 40 hit, that was the biggest alternative song of last decade is one of our 12 songs that crossed at least the top 20 in rock, so I guess you can only have a hit if it on pop stations in your opinion. Douchebag….”

Then later adding:

Oh and Andy Bane, headstrong makes more money yearly than you’ve made in your whole life. You’re so dangerous…. No one said they can’t sell merch. That band wanted 3 fucking tables and we wanted our main support to have at least 1 table. That girl in the video bitched and said then we will take our stuff and leave and we said go ahead and then that local band said if they didn’t go out and sell tickets than no one would be at the show, all 20 tickets they sold. The second local was waaaayyy better and did a much better job promoting the show and selling the tix… We rely on hard working local bands to promote TRAPT when we come to town. Fuck you!!! See you out there sometime!”

And then, just now:

“Andy, your voice sucks!! Your band sucks! End of story.”

He then started ranting about “liberals” and gun control, but at some point, you just have to stop giving idiots attention, right? Anyway, this Facebook thread is still developing as we’re posting this, so it’s likely that someone in Trapt is continuing to insult Andy Bane as you read this. Why, we’re still not really sure. But if you were somehow holding out hope for a Trapt/Dangerkids tour in the future, it’s probably time to snuff that candle out, folks.