Angry Metalcore Guy has unsurprisingly ridiculous opinions on rape, the N-word, profanities and more

Let’s recap the past few days, shall we? We published a story on Wednesday regarding the potential political candidacy of Tony Hovater [far left], former drummer for Bullet Tooth metalcore act the Paramedic, which gathered quite a lot of interest due to the fact that the political party Hovater is aligning himself with was created by a well-known white supremacist. Kinda fucked up, right? We also pointed out that while Hovater was no longer in the band, this isn’t the first time the Paramedic has been in the news for unsavory reasons, from the time their singer, Mike Luciano [center], wrote an inflammatory Facebook post a few months ago to the backlash the band received when they created—and are inexplicably still selling—a T-shirt which says in large print, “BITCH SAY ONE MORE WORD I’LL RIP YOUR FUCKING THROAT OUT.”

Then, unsurprisingly, the band began lashing out at us, accusing us of labeling the Paramedic as a white supremacist band (something we never did) and calling us bullies (for, presumably, reporting the news). Then, earlier today, Luciano—who has taken to calling himself Angry Metalcore Guy—shared a new interview he did with the website Metal Riot in the wake of all of this, proclaiming, “This was a REAL interview with REAL questions and REAL responses.” (Emphasis all his.) So! With that being said, allow us to present to you some of the choicest quotes from Luciano’s new interview. These are all direct quotes with zero editing done on our part:

On the current debate about sexual misconduct and musicians’ responsibility in the scene:

“I think a lot of band guys get shit. All the blame is put on them. I think it’s horseshit. Let’s talk sex. Many girls say they were raped. I’m not saying rape didn’t happen. But the last time I checked if you’re drunk and willingly go onto a bus and a guy pulls out his dick and says ,” suck it please” and you say “OK” – that’s not rape.”

On the recent squabble between Senses Fail and Attila over the use of offensive words like “faggot”:

“I want people to stop being such overly offended pussies just because someone says faggot or nigga or bitch. It doesn’t mean they are singlehandedly targeting one specific gender type or race or orientation. The fact is that some of these words are offensive but rock n roll was based on offending people.”

On the news of his former drummer’s political leanings:

“I don’t talk to the dude. The nigga isn’t in my band anymore. I don’t give a fuck what he does. If he wants to join a zombie unicorn rainbow foundation, I don’t give two fucks.”

On the subject of his race:

“I’m Puerto Rican and Italian… A lot of people perceive me as a black guy. Recently the way I’ve been dressing doesn’t help. Gold chains. Expensive watch. Long shirts. High tops.”

On their vulgar T-shirt:

“Let’s face facts. Saying the word “fuck” and “bitch” is awesome. It feels great. It has a powerful feeling. The younger generation, it makes them feel good. I don’t know why that’s the case, but it is.”

So there you have it: Real responses from Mike Luciano, vocalist for the Paramedic. We hope you learned something.