Alvarez Kings Warped Tour diary #3: intense interrogation, threatened deportation and busted transportation

photo: Mark J. Hillyer

Wazzup Substream readers! Welcome to Alvarez Kings‘ third blog on the craziness that is Vans Warped Tour.

Last time we spoke, we were just about to head back into the States after a successful show in a rainy Toronto. Well it seems the good country of America is not quite ready to embrace Alvarez Kings with open arms just yet. Remember on the last Vans Warped Tour we did back in 2013 when Simon got stuck in Canada? Well, this time we had problems once again but not as bad as the last time around.

The whole issue with Simon’s visa problems is a complete disorganized clusterfuck. Our lawyer just cannot find what the problem is. It seems like spending thousands of dollars and being accepted a visa still just isn’t enough for the U.S. border patrol. As a result, he was being interrogated for three-and-a-half hours and got his visa canceled!

Simon can perform on the remainder of Vans Warped Tour but as soon as the tour ends he must leave this wonderful country and file for another visa to come back. Financially it hurts, but playing for you guys is worth it every time.

Other than that issue, the shows remain strong, garnering great praise and we are seeing our crowds building. We are not the traditional Warped Tour sound so it feels great that out of 70 bands that perform each day it’s great that people are coming and checking us out. Means a lot, guys!

Two nights ago, our bus broke down at four in the morning. This tour bus is an old cat and inevitably at some point we saw it coming. So a very tired band and crew vacated the bus and had to sleep on the floor and couches of other passing tour buses on the tour. We were very tired and spaced out but the show must go on. We broke open a bottle of rum after a fantastic show in Scranton and toasted to our bus, may she get well soon.

Until next time, friends!

—Simon, Paul, Sean, Rich