Alvarez Kings Warped Tour diary #2: blown tires, dead deer and AWOL bus drivers

photo: Mark J. Hillyer

Hey Substream readers, welcome to Alvarez Kings‘ second blog from Vans Warped Tour 2015.

So we are halfway through the tour and currently in a rainy Toronto. A lot of us got stuck at border patrol because the officers insisted in checking every single bus on Warped Tour. That’s over a hundred buses there, folks.

We have now got our routine nailed and finding this grueling tour a lot easier. Our new guitars have arrived courtesy of the lovely guys at Gibson. The shows have been going down really well with the crowds. We’ve been seeing a better response with each show that passes and meeting so many great new fans.

Since our last blog, we hit another deer and blew out two tires—oh, and our bus driver quit yesterday. So this bus feels a little cursed at the minute.

The most rewarding experience about this tour is the reaction we’re getting from our peers and unknowing audience. We have a very unique style for this tour and can’t be pigeonholed with most of the bands around here. The positive response we’re getting from new fans we have made, as well as other band members on the tour has been pretty overwhelming. It’s great how Warped Tour has evolved into a festival of diversity. There’s literally something here for fans of every genre.

This evening we’re headed back to the States and have got our fingers crossed that we get across the border without any trouble. Hopefully we’ll see you all in Columbia, Maryland, as a full band this time!

—Simon, Paul, Sean, Rich