Alvarez Kings Warped Tour diary #1: missing visas, lost luggage and sideways rain

photo: Mark J. Hillyer

Hello, Substream readers! This is the start of the official Alvarez Kings weekly blog documenting our adventures on Vans Warped Tour 2015.

Many of you by now know our previous struggles on Vans Warped Tour 2013 as documented on the TV show Warped Roadies where our singer Simon was left stranded at the U.S. border upon our return from the Toronto date. Simon spent two weeks in Canada as the tour and Alvarez Kings continued without him pulling in support from friends such as Echosmith, William Beckett and Zach Porter of Allstar Weekend all helping out on vocals.

The beginning of Warped Tour 2015 was a little similar as we missed the first week of the tour due to the American Embassy having a glitch in the system and therefore unable to process work visas across the world. We therefore had to wait tediously until the system was back up and running to get our work visas and we joined the tour in Dallas, Texas.

The first date was a huge rush, not to mentioned laced with countless other issues including one lost piece of luggage from our connecting flight followed by our instrument shipment for our new guitars not arriving on time because the courier van broke down. The problems never end.

We fortunately got the suitcase back but still no guitars, even now! But thankfully we were able to lend instruments from our busmates the Kenneths, and also from our fantastic endorsees Ernie Ball who thankfully have a tent onsite.

So to sum up the first few gigs, getting back into the swing of the madness that is the Vans Warped Tour, it has been a rough ride but the welcome back that we received from the crew and friends we made the last time has just been incredible. A huge thank you goes out to Kevin for letting us come back, too. The stage crew have been fantastic, an absolute pleasure to work with and have been so professional and enthusiastic about our sound!

We are Day 20 into the tour and currently marooned on our bus due to the storms in Pittsburgh. It has been by far the coolest day of the tour so far, the weather not too dissimilar to ours in the U.K. The heavens opened on multiple occasions causing disruption and difficult conditions across the festival site but the Warped Tour does not back down to Mother Nature. All the stage crews are well equipped and trained to handle such conditions to ensure the kids still get to see their favorite bands and are not left disappointed. The show must go on.

The fans have been great and our crowds are forever growing. All despite playing during a lightning storm in 80 percent-plus humidity, insane temperatures and sideways rain. Its been a rough ride but we’re loving it.

Right, time to sign off. Until next time, peeps!

—Simon, Paul, Sean, Rich