Members of Cold War Kids, the Shins and Tijuana Panthers form new band, Coromandelles

photo: Sean Flynn

The supergroup is always a hell of an entity to wrestle with, whether it’s Damn Yankees or Divine Fits. On one hand, people come in with higher expectations than usual. On the other, these bands usually serve as a chance for their members to stretch their creative muscles beyond the parameters of their respective day jobs, especially when the members are not the chief songwriters in their main bands. Such is the case with Coromandelles, the new trio formed by Tijuana Panthers bassist/vocalist Dan Michicoff, who began writing and recording home demos on guitar. Michicoff then recruited Cold War Kids founding member Matt Maust on bass, who then managed to loop in his bandmate, drummer Joe Plummer, who also doubles as the drummer for the Shins (and was the stickman for Modest Mouse from 2004 to 2012, as well), to both play in the band and engineer their record. Plummer then had his Shins bandmate Yukki Matthews mix their debut, too, so it truly is a family affair.

So the real question is, what does it sound like? Well, according to a press release, nearly half the band’s lyrics are in French, and their debut album, Late Bloomers’ Bloomers, is described as “[rolling] through moments of anxiety, doubt and hope before finally closing with a two-song suite that evokes a flowering transition.” What does that mean? No fucking clue, but we are interested nonetheless.

The trio will release Late Bloomers’ Bloomers on October 20 via Porch Party Records (vinyl) and Burger Records (cassette). Check out the cover art and tracklisting below, as well as an incredibly brief teaser video.


  1. Cameronria – 4:07
  2. New Ordain – 2:30
  3. The Project – 3:39
  4. Mon Chemin – 4:25
  5. Jaq – 4:09
  6. Late Bloomers – 2:06
  7. Bumble Bee – 3:20
  8. Le Revev – 3:30
  9. End Of Mad Men – 3:58
  10. Seaudeaux – 4:32