Listen to Ray Toro (My Chemical Romance) cover Weezer’s “Tired Of Sex”

While the other three members of My Chemical Romance have been in various states of musical activity since the band’s 2013 breakup—frontman Gerard Way launching a solo career, bassist Mikey Way forming Electric Century and guitarist Frank Iero creating frnkiero andthe cellabration—guitarist Ray Toro has been exceptionally quiet, musically speaking. He has released a handful of of demos, but nothing that has been commercially available in a physical format. All that changed yesterday with the release of U.K. mag Kerrang!‘s newest compilation, Ultimate Rock Heroes!, which features many modern musicians covering their personal icons—including Ray Toro covering “Tired Of Sex,” the opening track from Weezer’s sophomore album, 1996’s Pinkerton (also known as this writer’s favorite album of all time). You can find out more about the compilation here, and you can stream Toro’s contribution below.