Guest List: Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri picks his 10 favorite hip-hop tracks of all time

photo: Jeremy Saffer

Welcome to the Guest List, Substream’s new feature where we ask your favorite musicians to tell us about their favorite musicians.

Today’s installment: Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri picks his all-time favorite hip-hop tracks.

I want to start by saying that I hate explaining why I think something is good. To put it simply, I like the shit that I like and that is all that really needs to be said far as I am concerned. It’s funny to be asked to pick a top 10 favorite anything, especially when it comes to music , I love all genres and there are so many different songs and artists that pique my interest , and I would need much more than 10 tracks to really share my favorites. The thing for me to do when I was a young kid was to burn mix CD’s before I went to go skip school in the morning, so when I get asked to do something like this it makes me feel like I am making a personal mix CD for everyone…let’s get into it. —FRANKIE PALMERI

1. NON PHIXION, “No Tomorrow”

Non Phixion was probably one of the first hip-hop groups I ever identified with. This song in particular brings back crazy memories of being in high school and the days and nights I spent being a teenage criminal. I feel if 15-year-old me needed a soundtrack for a montage, this would definitely be it.

2. KANYE WEST, “Big Brother”

As much as people want to write off Kanye West, there is no denying that his artistry and talent are completely on a level of their own. Graduation was an album that got heavy rotation back when we were pumping CDs into the dash of our 15-passenger van. This song in particular always struck a chord in me; you can really hear in his voice that the words are very genuine.

3. RIFF RAFF FEAT. WIZ KHALIFA, “Versace Python”

This dude…I can’t even wrap my head around it. He is honestly one of the last true outlaw punk rock artists of our time. The dude does not give a fuck. This song is one of those songs that is just so intoxicating it’s almost impossible not to like. The guy has a lot of tracks at his disposal but there is definitely something special happening on “Versace Python.” This also has one of my favorite Wiz features.


I can’t really remember how I came across Bastard but I knew there was something special about what this kid was doing. It was only a short time after I discovered this album that Tyler would become the household name he is now. This track specifically was what caught my interest and turned me into a fan back in 2010.

5. SPARK MASTER TAPE, “Half Of Nepal”

This dude pretty much represents everything I like about music. I honestly can’t believe this shit doesn’t have, like, 60 billion hits.

6. YUNG LEAN, “Kyoto”

If anyone ever feels out of touch about where music is going, all they need to do is listen to Yung Lean. This dude has one of the freshest sounds going right now.

7. BENEFIT, “So Sick”

Anyone remember Napster? Well if you do, then you might remember Benefit. This was one of my favorites this guy put out.

8. IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, “Dance With The Devil”

The first time anyone hears this song, it’s hard not to be moved by the realism depicted in the lyrics. Immortal Technique has a ton of great material but this song will always be one of his most prolific.

9. DIE ANTWOORD, “I Fink U Freeky”

Quite possibly one of the most refreshing and exciting rap duos to ever be spawned on planet Earth. It’s hard to pick one track to feature in this top 10, but I think this song really sums up everything that is great about Die Antwoord.


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