EXCLUSIVE: Watch music video director Max Moore’s new short film, the gripping, tense ‘Glendower Drive’

Chances are, even if you don’t know Max Moore‘s name, you certainly know his visuals. Moore has a resume as long as your favorite Spotify playlist, and it’s probably full of all of the same bands, too: Just this year, he’s directed music videos for Senses Fail, Knuckle Puck, Superheaven, Citizen, Counterparts and more, and some of his “greatest hits” include clips for Of Mice & Men, Into It. Over It., Silverstein, Stray From The Path and Touche Amore. One connecting thread among many of his videos is the use of blood, and that bodily fluid plays a huge part in his brand new short film, Glendower Drive, which we’re happy to premiere today. In no way is Glendower Drive a horror film, though the opening visuals set an eerie tone for the entirety of its runtime that makes the viewer tense up with every new scene. We asked Moore to give a little insight to both the process of creating the piece as well as the motivation behind it, and here’s what he had to say:

“As a full-time music video director, I get the privilege and joy of waking up everyday and working on projects where I can actively stay in a creative state of mind, writing, directing, shooting and editing music videos. For a person like me, who loves to creating art, music video directing is a wonderful line of work that is rewarding on so many different professional and personal levels. That being said, despite the satisfaction I get from working with extremely talented and passionate musicians on a daily basis, there is still a part of me that needs to create my own pieces of art that completely exist outside the realm of musicians, music or album promotions. This internal need to tell my own stories is in part what led me to make this short film, Glendower Drive.

Glendower Drive is a short film I wrote, directed and produced late last year in Louisville, Kentucky, where I was born and raised.  The movie surrounds two young brothers and the struggles the younger of the two deals with after experiencing a sudden loss of innocence in his early childhood. This short is an honest and personal piece drawing from emotionally tragic events in my own life that ultimately have shaped how I view the world today. Beyond just fulfilling my own internal creative needs, this short in some ways also aimed to put to rest those lingering anxieties from the unfortunate event I experienced with my own identical twin brother several years ago.”

Glendower Drive had its premiere screening in Louisville earlier this month; now, you can exclusively watch it below. Follow Max Moore on Twitter and visit his website to learn more.