EXCLUSIVE: Watch ‘Maximum Reaction,’ the new action-adventure film featuring members of the Swellers and Every Time I Die

Longtime fans of the Swellers know that not only did the band write great pop-punk jams, they are also some of the funniest people in any band ever. Add in bassist Anto Boros’ seemingly unending imagination and couple that with plenty of downtime on international tours, and we’ve been graced with a number of hilarious films over the years—first there was Les Incorruptibles, then there was Political Punishment, then there was Total Behaviorbut now, they’ve all been upped by Boros’ latest creation, Maximum Reaction. Directed by Boros, featuring a star-studded cast (including Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley as Giga Chyp), an original score created by Swellers frontman Nick Diener and a script written by Boros, Buckley and Jordan Daniel of Eat MeatMaximum Reaction might very well be the best film you see all year that’s primarily casted with members of a now-defunct pop-punk band and also features a healthy amount of penis jokes and a surprising level of brutal gun violence. We were able to reach Boros right as he boarded his private jet, so the cell connection dropped pretty quickly, but before he hit 30,000 feet, he had this to say about the project:

“I’ve made a number of films while being on tour. Most notable would have to be my blockbuster smash hits like ‘Total Behavior’ and ‘Political Punishment.’ With the Swellers coming to an end, I knew I needed one more colossal mega hit before we threw in the towel. So I rallied up some of my favorite people and put together, in my opinion, my finest cinematic masterpiece. This action-adventure is action packed with action and adventure. There was a lot of hard work put into this, and I couldn’t be any happier with how it came out. So please, sit back and enjoy this intense and powerful film.”

Sadly, because Boros is choosing to stay away from the Hollywood grind and is distributing this release digitally, for free, to the people, it will not be eligible for Best Short Film at next year’s Academy Awards. (Trust us: We checked.) But Boros doesn’t need an Oscar to vindicate him: Maximum Reaction is his magnum opus, and will likely be his legacy. Enjoy.