EXCLUSIVE: The Obsessives do their best to revive emo on “Daisy”

Washington, D.C.-based duo the Obsessives have come a long way in just three short years. With the pair’s debut full-length, Heck No, Nancy, set to be released this fall on buzzing label Near Mint, be prepared to see their name pop up a lot more in the coming months. We’re thrilled to premiere the first track off Heck No, Nancy, today, called “Daisy.” The song is the perfect introduction to the album, full of Kinsella-esque emoting, powerful instrumental crescendos and heartstring-tugging lyrical content. It alsot just goes to show you that while a bass guitar is nice and all, the real power behind a song is the person who inspired it—and the real low-end is the songwriter emptying themselves out to honor their feelings. Vocalist/guitarist Nick Bairatchnyi explains:

“I just wanted to write a love song about a friendship that would frame the rest of the record. The song was me finally being honest with myself, and it really let out all the stops for the rest of the confessions on the record.”

Heck No, Nancy will be released September 18 via Near Mint and can be pre-ordered digitally and on vinyl.

The Obsessives are wrapping up their U.S. tour tomorrow, June 30, with a show at Downstairs in Chicago. Expect more tour dates to be announced soon.