EXCLUSIVE: My Mouth Is The Speaker’s “A Glimpse Of Comfort” is a pulsing blast of heavy emo rock

Last month, we brought you news of an impending split 7-inch between two of Ohio’s brightest lights, Reverse The Curse and My Mouth Is The Speaker. Three weeks ago, we brought you the A-side of that split 7-inch, Reverse The Curse’s incredible reworking of “Carer” from their most recent album Existent. Last week, we brought you the official music video for that acoustic cut. Now today, we’re bringing you the B-side to that split, a brand new song by My Mouth Is The Speaker called “A Glimpse Of Comfort.” It’s the band’s first new material since last year’s phenomenal In Focus EP (out now on Escapist Records); in fact, it’s the very first song the band wrote after completing that EP. Vocalist/guitarist Daniel Palmentera explains:

“This is a song about the ups and downs of life, and how you have no idea what to expect sometimes. It’s best to not overwhelm yourself trying to connect the dots. Overcoming struggle is part of what makes you who are, and that’s comforting.”

The only way to get the Reverse The Curse/My Mouth Is The Speaker split 7-inch is to attend the Escapist Records 10th anniversary showcase on August 14, 2015 in Cleveland (tickets).