EXCLUSIVE: Sing along with Matt Skiba And The Sekrets’ “She Wolf” lyric video

photo: Jonathan Weiner

Matt Skiba is sort of a busy guy. His “day job,” Alkaline Trio, are beloved by thousands. His new side gig, Blink-182, are kind of a big band, too. Yet somehow he finds time to explore other facets of his musical perosnality, whether it be electronic (Heavens), noisy (theHELL) or slick new wave, as you can hear on Kuts, the new album from Matt Skiba And The Sekrets. Today we’re premiering a lyric video for “She Wolf,” which shows you that even though the music might change between projects, Skiba’s lyrical vision is as consistent as ever. He comments:

“’She Wolf’ was inspired by a half timber/half grey wolf I almost adopted. I’m gonna get a wolf soon. I figured I should write a song about one first to be sure I’m prepared.”

Kuts is out today via Superball Music and can be ordered here.