EXCLUSIVE: Get a blast of thick riffs and crisp harmonies with Glower’s ‘The Circle Binds’ full-album stream

When Facedown Records atmospheric hardcore trio Hands broke up in 2012, drummer Josh Silbernagel was at a crossroads: Should the North Dakota musician give up on his dream, or should he take the reins on his career? He chose the latter, and by strapping on a guitar and stepping in front of mic, Glower was born. The duo—Silbernagel and Sean Murray—step away from hardcore’s calamity but still keep up a heavy energy on their debut full-length, The Circle Binds. It’s full of thick riffs and syrupy vocals that could’ve come off a classic Smashing Pumpkins record, with a willingness to get chunky a la Hum when the need arises. Silbernagel explains:

“Writing for ‘The Circle Binds’ was a very cool process. We kind of got to indulge all of our creative impulses and interests. Pop, rock, prog, hardcore… whatever we were feeling, we went with it. Conceptually, it’s a really personal album. The passing of my grandfather during the time that we were writing had me thinking a lot about the patterns and cycles we experience throughout life. Beginnings and endings. Somehow it all comes together.”

The Circle Binds comes out June 23 via Broken Circles and can be pre-ordered here.