EXCLUSIVE: Foreign Tongues’ “Assembly” is a heartbreaking indie rock number about suicide

photo: Nick DiNatale

It’s been a long road to get to Foreign Tongues‘ first full-length, Fragile, As Said Before. The atmospheric indie rock band hailing from New Hampshire and Massachusetts was formed in 2011 and have experienced their fair share of lineup changes while trying to figure out their sound through a series of singles, splits and EPs [some of which were released on Substream editor in chief Scott Heisel’s label Youth Conspiracy Records —full-disclosure ed.], but fans’ patience has paid off, as Fragile, As Said Before is a brilliant debut for the quintet. They’ve been compared to everyone from Balance And Composure to the Cure, and their sound lies somewhere in the middle—Foreign Tongues are unafraid to use the power of the distorted electric guitar when need be but have an advanced mastery of creating atmosphere unlike most other young bands. Take a listen to their new song “Assembly” to see what we mean. Frontman Cameron Moretti explains the story behind the song:

“‘Assembly’ is a song I wrote about the underlining theme of suicide. A close hometown friend of mine’s family member took their life last winter. The whole chaos that surrounded the situation was one of the most overwhelming feelings I’ve ever been presented. I felt so much empathy for all their family and friends affected by the incident but couldn’t ever really come to terms personally with my own emotions surrounding it. Another large attribute of the song has to deal with being thankful for those who surround you, and fill your life with happiness, as well hospitality for others less fortunate to have the love and affection that most of us take for granted.”

Fragile, As Said Before comes out July 24 on No Sleep Records and can be pre-ordered here.