EXCLUSIVE: Dowsing’s new song is two minutes of pure, Piebald-esque emo-pop bliss

photo: Alissa Reynolds

Dowsing have had a handful of difficult lineup changes in recent years, and with vocalist/guitarist Erik Czaja’s other band, Pet Symmetry, picking up speed, it’s possible fans might be worried the Chicago emo quartet could be put to pasture. But one listen to “Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades, & Even More Blades)” from Split #4, their upcoming four-way split 7-inch with the Cardboard Swords, Long Knives and Sinai Vessel, and you’ll see that the band are not only back, but better than ever. It’s a two-minute vintage emo-pop jam that brings to mind the best tracks from Piebald’s We Are The Only Friends We Have, and it has a satisfying amount of lyrical bite, too. Czaja explains:

“This song was taken from the demos for our third full-length. It’s our first song with Michael Politowicz (ex-Brave Bird) and William Lange (Ratboys) as members of the band. This is our way of cutting off from the past.”

Split #4 will be released on vinyl later this month by Count Your Lucky Stars Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Catch Dowsing on tour with Woozy this month:

06/12 Springfield, IL – DUMB Fest (no Woozy)
06/13 Morristown, IN – MSM Fest
06/14 Cincinnati, OH – Tacocracy
06/15 Murfreesboro, TN – TBA
06/16 Fayetteville, AR – Lightbulb Club
06/17 Russellville, AR – Train Depot
06/18 New Orleans, LA – Sisters In Christ
06/19 Memphis, TN – TBA
06/20 Nashville, TN – Nameless Fest
06/21 Evansville, IN – PG (no Woozy)
06/22 Ypsilanti, MI – Bronco House (no Woozy)