Chris Farren (Fake Problems/Antarctigo Vespucci) to release demos collection on most inconvenient format possible

photo: Nick Karp

Punk celebrity and dear friend Chris Farren (you might know him; he’s Verified™ on Twitter™) has taken a minute out from being the funniest person on the internet to remind us all that he also sometimes makes music. The Fake Problems/Antarctigo Vespucci frontman also writes and records plenty of solo material—much of which has never been heard before. Farren estimates he’s demoed 300-plus song ideas over the past seven years; he is now going to release his favorite 14 of those ideas as Least Embarrassing Demos 2008-2014, a cassette-only release via Cheap Girls frontman Ian Graham’s label Business Casual. The compilation contains 12 previously unreleased solo tracks as well as two demo versions of Antarctigo Vespucci songs, pre-Jeff Rosenstock’s involvement. Farren explains:

“After compiling this collection for this release, I zipped the folder up and sent it to Business Casual. Later that day, my computer crashed and I lost all of my old demos. Aside from ‘officially’ released material this cassette tape is really all I have to show for the 300+ song ideas over the past 7 years. That is probably only important to me, but if that’s something you’re interested in, take a listen. The lyrics are often awkward, vocal melody uncertain, and some songs just end too soon. Not too unlike anything else I’ve released I guess?!?”

Least Embarrassing Demos 2008-2014 comes out July 7, only on cassette (Farren stresses it will not be released in any other format—not CD, not vinyl, not digital download); you can pre-order the cassette (limited to 300 copies) here and check out the tracklisting below:

Side A
1. DBA The Devil
2. I Don’t Miss Anyone
3. Every Possible City
4. Storm Song
5. Fake It Till You Hate It
6. Fantastic Romantic Qualities
7. Imaginary Friend

Side B:
8. Sometimes
9. Tropical Depression
10. Don’t You Get Lonely Too?
11. Bang! (Antarctigo Vespucci demo)
12. Baby Come Home
13. Come To Brazil (Antarctigo Vespucci demo)
14. Sympathy Center