Wolves At The Gate show acoustic elegance with ‘Reprise’

Comprised of entirely acoustic renditions of five previously released songs, and an additional brand new track, Reprise brings out the inner, pure side of musicianship that post-hardcore band Wolves At The Gate haven’t shown before. Each of the five re-imagined acoustic songs are from the band’s previous two full-lengths, Captors and VxV, and include guest vocals from members of Being As An Ocean, Emery, For Today, Citizens And Saints and Come Wind creating an honest and thought-provoking element the EP needs. The title track finds vocalist/guitarist Steve Cobucci gently serenading the listener; “The Bird And The Snake” gets even softer. Reprise closes with a new track, “Waste,” which is arguably the EP’s strongest moment in capturing the entire angelic tone Wolves At The Gate bring with the release. While containing only one new song, the EP still succeeds in promoting a fresh feel to material.