Mixtapes release free rarities collection, including Hold Steady, Nerf Herder and Direct Hit! covers

photo: Ryan Russell

Cincinnati’s most prolific pop-punk band, Mixtapes, are currently in power-saving mode (that’s a fancy way of saying they’re broken up for the immediate future), but as one last salute to their incredibly deep catalog, the quartet have put together a 23-track rarities compilation titled These Are Us which collects songs from a variety of compilations, splits and other short-run releases, including a handful of previously unreleased tracks. There is also a veritable slew of cover songs here, including tracks originally by the Hold Steady, Direct Hit!, Nerf Herder and even the Zeke And Luther theme song. The best part? The entire release is being hosted by Paper + Plastick for free. That’s right: F-R-E-E. Frontman Ryan Rockwell explains:

“I was at Eric’s house the other day, who is the guy that recorded and engineered all of the Mixtapes records. We were going through stuff and joking around and realized we had quite a few songs no one had ever heard, including myself more than once or twice. A few of them I thought “why on earth didn’t we put this on a record?” Then I remembered that Weezer also didn’t put ‘Susanne’ on a record and we all make mistakes. At that point I decided we should put out a free download of all of our unreleased material, rare material, splits and just things in general that might not be so easy to get anymore. After clearing it with the suits and tracking down all of the songs, in part thanks to some listeners I did it. So here it is, sequenced with artwork and ending with something very special. We are really proud of the songs and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be available if you like our band so please download it, share it, post it etc etc. The last song on this record is something near and dear to me. One day while recording “Even on the worst nights” everyone went to breakfast. I stayed behind, clicked record in the studio and put myself in the mindset of a high school non conformist goth kid. What came out was 15 minutes of completely freestyled angst that I could never repeat or pull off again, so please while listening feel my pain. But really, we are excited to release this all on one record and thanks to Vinnie for putting it out and being the best, we love you! “

To download, all you have to do is click here. The full tracklisting is below.

01 A million bad bands
02 Grenadine
03 Puzzle Part 2 (I don’t believe in ghosts)
04 Sleepless in St. Paul (Rivethead cover)
05 Right where to find me
06 I Was a Teenage Poltergeist
07 My, You Look Ravishing Tonight! (Kleenex Girl Wonder cover)
08 Everyday Maybes
09 Road Maps, Ice Caps, Death Traps
10 P.E.T. S.O.U.N.D.S.
11 Coffee Party
12 All the Mistakes We Make (Are Gonna Lead to All the Important Things We’re Gonna Do)
13 Little Miami
14 Werewolf Shame (Direct Hit! cover)
15 It Can’t Get You Everything
16 Cause I’m a Genius (Zeke And Luther theme song cover)
17 Broken Hearted Christmas
18 Your Little Hoodrat Friend (The Hold Steady cover)
19 Sleepless in St. Paul (Redux) (Rivethead cover)
20 Doin’ Laundry (Nerf Herder cover)
21 Hey Baby (damn this song)
22 Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka
23 Silence, the last stand (completely freestyled while everyone was out getting breakfast)