Members of Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black, Bridge And Tunnel, Ceremony, more form new band, Open City

live photo: Ryan Nichols

Last night in Philadelphia, a new band called Open City played only their third show ever, which might not seem like a big deal until you find out the lineup of said band: Rachel Rubino (Bridge And Tunnel) on vocals, Dan Yemin (Lifetime/Kid Dynamite/Paint It Black/Armalite) on guitar, Andy Nelson (Paint It Black/Ceremony/Dark Blue) on bass and Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & The Pharmacists) on drums. (Okay, we’re a news outlet, right? We’re supposed to remain completely objective and all that. But HOLY FUCK DOES THIS SOUND LIKE THE BEST BAND EVER.)

The good news: The band have recorded music already and even have a Bandcamp page. The bad news: There is currently nothing on said Bandcamp page, nor have we been able to unearth any live videos from any of the Philadelphia punk supergroup’s first three shows. The picture above was taken at their most recent gig on May 28 at Space 1026, so even though you can’t currently listen to them, we can confirm the band is actually real and not just some PBR-fueled fever dream of every Fest-goer. (Their Twitter and Instagram pages corroborate that.)

We asked show attendee Ryan Nichols to describe the band to us, and he says they compared them to Ink & Dagger and Paint It Black, before summing up by saying, “It pretty much sounded like every Dan Yemin band. But at the same time different.”

As soon as music is available, we will bring it to you. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later, otherwise we might have to book the next flight to Philly and shake down Dr. Dan until he coughs up a demo tape.