Kevin Devine releases new protest song, “Talking Freddie Gray Blues”

photo: Shervin Lainez

Singer/songwriter Kevin Devine has spoken out regarding the recent death of Freddie Gray and the resulting riots in Baltimore. As of earlier today, Gray’s death has been ruled a homicide and six Baltimore police officers will face charges. His new song, “Talking Freddie Gray Blues,” is available for streaming on SoundCloud below; an alternate performance of the song can be watched via Facebook video below, as well.

“Talking Freddie Gray Blues”’m talking Freddie…

Posted by Kevin Devine on Thursday, April 30, 2015

I’m talking Freddie Gray blues
I’m talking what happened to you
You were just 25
When they ended your life
When “to serve & protect”
Meant break your leg, snap your neck
Meant to kill you, to sever your spine
No matter what, there’s no good reason why

When I’m talking these killer cop blues
I’m kinda talking my family to you
See, my dad was a cop
And his dad was a cop
And my uncles were cops
And my cousins were cops
I’m partly here because of cops
And I love all those cops
And I know not every cop
Is a racist, murdering cop
But this is bigger than the people I love
The system’s broken
Not breaking
It’s done

I’m talking white privilege blues
I’m talking confession to you
I can’t know what it’s like
To be afraid all my life
Looking over my shoulder
Behind each officer, a coroner
Entrenched inequality
No access, no empathy
Crushed in stacked decks
Institutions & death
This is not my reality
I’m afforded the luxury
Of shaking my head
I shut the screen, go to bed
I can turn off what you never can
And watch it happen again and again (and again and again and again and again, and again)

I’m talking Freddie Gray blues
I’m talking Freddie Gray blues