Guest List: Terror’s Scott Vogel picks his 10 favorite hardcore songs of all time

photo: Alexander Malecki

Welcome to the Guest List, Substream’s new feature where we ask your favorite musicians to tell us about their favorite musicians.

Today’s installment: Terror vocalist Scott Vogel picks his all-time favorite hardcore songs.

SCOTT VOGEL: Picking the top 10 best hardcore songs seems fucking impossible. I’m sure I will leave out songs that should be here, and if you asked me again next month, the list could be totally different—but I’ll give it my best shot. I love hardcore so this will be fun…

1. WARZONE, “Don’t Forget The Struggle, Don’t Forget The Streets”

Everything about Warzone’s first LP is perfect hardcore. The songs. The lyrics. The attitude. The artwork photos and layout.  There is an energy and vibe on this song that speaks to me and I’m gonna pick this as my No. 1 hardcore song of all time.


Victim In Pain may be the first NYHC hardcore record I ever heard and is a classic in every sense of the word. Many would say this is a perfect record by one of the realest and best to ever do it. Lyrics on this record still speak volumes today, 31 years later.

3. GORILLA BISCUITS, “New Direction”

This band is timeless. They appealed to everyone:  SXE kids, hardcores, punks and skinheads all felt the Biscuit power. The music and vocals were so urgent yet so calming at the same time. Walter is amazing no matter what he touches.

4. INTEGRITY, “Bringing It Back”

When this first Integrity EP came out, it was a whole new sound that really changed the scene. They brought the negativity and darkness of hardcore to a whole new level. Their imagery and lyrics set them apart from all the things that were going on at the time. There is something about Cleveland hardcore that is just straight-up insane.

5. DAG NASTY, “Circles”

Dave Smalley’s lyrics and delivery on this record are fucking amazing. There is so much feeling and brutal honestly over music that is just as powerful as its message. Can I Say might be the record I would choose if I could only  listen to one record for the rest of my life.

6. LEEWAY, “Rise And Fall/Mark Of The Squealer”

Leeway’s first album Born To Expire starts off with seven or eight minutes of some of the hardest-hitting music I have ever heard. I realize this is an intro and two songs all in one but it all just flows together without a break into this crushing and powerful, yet dirty and beautiful mesh of crossover hardcore reality. Eddie Sutton’s voice is perfect. Normandy Sound Studios gives this thing a perfect blend. Such a cool band.

7. HATEBREED, “Smash Your Enemies”

Maybe the hardest track from the hardest band ever. Another one that just totally changed hardcore when they came out. Broke down many barriers and showed the world that a hardcore band could be nominated for a fucking Grammy—unreal.

8. MADBALL, “New York City”

Probably the best live hardcore band in my book, and their recorded catalog is fucking great too. This band is just pure hardcore reality. Freddy, Hoya, Matt Henderson, Stigma and Will Shepler—what a sick lineup. And the breakdown to this song is brutal. I love Madball.

9. YOUTH OF TODAY, “Disengage”

I’ve never been straight edge but I love tons of SXE bands, and the whole youth crew thing still spoke to me. There is something about it that has always stuck with me, and I still find myself listening to Bold, Side By Side, and Youth Of Today all the time. This final YOT EP is perfect hardcore to me. A great ending to this band’s awesome catalog.

10.  ZERO TOLERANCE, “A Minute To Pray”

If you’re not from Buffalo, New York, or somewhere close, you may not even know this band. But for many people like me, this was our starting point for hardcore. After releasing an EP that didn’t do justice to their fury they next put out the self released Fuel The Fire cassettes, and it was very much on point. This is the first track off of that cassette and to me, the definition of Buffalo hardcore.

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