EXCLUSIVE: The Foxery’s cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “The Day The Whole World Went Away” is epic

Louisville, Kentucky, is only a few hours south of Cleveland, Ohio—so we shouldn’t be surprised that the Foxery take some level of influence from Nine Inch Nails, the legendary industrial group formed in Cleveland in the late ’80s and who are still innovating today. So when the band were trying to decide what song they should cover, NIN’s “The Day The Whole World Went Away”—one of the best moments on 1999’s sprawling double album The Fragile—seemed like a pretty obvious choice. Vocalist/guitarist Cadillac Young comments:

“I remember being in middle school and ‘The Fragile’ coming out and it blew my mind. It’s so aggressive but also equally if not more beautiful. It’s so dark and powerful. Artistic and angsty. The Foxery definitely writes with similar themes. And we never can seem to just write a song. We’re always stitching together the newest square in our weird little quilted tapestry. So we just wanted to cover this song and pay homage to one of the greatest living songwriters ever, Trent Reznor. Usually when we cover songs, we try to do it really differently and ‘make it our own.’ But this song’s perfect as is so we tried to keep it pretty true to the original.”

The Foxery’s debut album, Unless, is out now on Spartan Records.

Check out the Foxery on tour this June:

Jun 04 The New Vintage Louisville, KY
Jun 05 Best Friend Bar Lexington, KY
Jun 06 PG Evansville, IN
Jun 07 Tidball’s Bowling Green, KY
Jun 14 MSM FEST Morristown Community Park Morristown, IN
Oct 30 THE FEST Gainesville, FL