EXCLUSIVE: Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns will stand “By Your Side” on this slinky R&B number

photo: Harold David

Daniel Johns has come a long, long way since he released Frogstomp, the debut album from his band Silverchair, in 1995. After ending a two-decade career with that band in 2011, Johns has spent the past few years exploring what truly inspired him artistically, and the result is his debut solo album, Talk, a stylistically diverse tour through Johns’ psyche, with flecks of electronica, indie-pop and R&B at every turn—sometimes all in one song, as you will hear below in “By Your Side.” Silverchair, it’s not. Johns comments:

“I’ve always felt like most people hate everything I do, but thankfully there’s always been an enthusiastic minority who seem to ‘get’ it. That’s fine with me. Anything that appeals to everyone tends to suck anyway.”

Talk comes out May 22 and can be pre-ordered here.