EXCLUSIVE: Pop-punk meets space camp in Fox & Cats’ “Black Hole” music video

Houston power trio Fox & Cats just released their debut album, the cheekily titled Ampersand, and it’s full of the kind of pop-punk that would’ve made Drive-Thru Records A&R reps swivel their heads 15 years ago as well as appeal to Weezer-loving power-pop fans. For their first single off the album, “Black Hole,” they decided to create a music video inspired more by the title than the lyrics, ending up with a fun tour through space. Vocalist/Guitarist Josh Willems explains:

“‘Black Hole’ is one of our favorite songs off the new record. It’s high energy so it’s always fun to play live and it’s one that we constantly find getting stuck in our heads. When we set out to make a music video for it we knew we wanted to do something space themed to go along with the title of the song and the album art. Space Center Houston turned out to be a perfect location to shoot and we ended up having a pretty awesome time doing so.”

Ampersand is available now.