EXCLUSIVE: Pet Symmetry’s “Spacial Ex-Perception (No.. Sleep.. ‘Til Bedtime!)” is a blast of quirky pop-rock

Photo: Ryan Russell

Chicago trio Pet Symmetry carry a strong pedigree—vocalist/bassist Evan Weiss’ full-time gig is Into It. Over It., guitarist Erik Czaja spends time in Dowsing and Kittyhawk and drummer Marcus Nuccio also plays in Mountains For Clouds. But Pet Symmetry aren’t just a side project; the band have their own unique sound that’s more poppy and straightforward, with a sense of humor none of their other projects possess. Take, for example, their debut album, Pets Hounds. (Say it fast and you’ll get the joke.) The album is loaded with quick bursts of quirky, Piebald-esque pop-rock goodness, and we’re stoked to present to you one of the disc’s best songs, “Spacial Ex-Perception (No.. Sleep.. ‘Til Bedtime!).” Weiss comments:

“This song was written and recorded over a year after we started recording for the LP. It was a far better fit for the record than one of the songs we weren’t has happy with. With a little rearranging, it made the cut and became the perfect opener to side B. The song is my testament to no longer being able to stay up late to deal with someone’s emotional baggage. In fact, I can barely stay up late at all.”

Pets Hounds will be released May 19 on Asian Man Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Pet Symmetry have two shows on the books right now; mark your calendars:

May 29 Subterranean Chicago, IL
Aug 08 The Wrecking Ball ATL Atlanta, GA