EXCLUSIVE: New Orleans rockers Variants are feeling “Bitter” on their bluesy new single

While New Orleans, Louisiana, is well known for its deep roots in music, you don’t hear about a lot of straightforward rock bands coming from there. However, Variants aren’t exactly straightforward—while they deal in melodic rock on their new EP, the Jay Maas-produced Commonwealth, the tracks contain soulful vocals and bluesy arrangements that call to mind Incubus or Envy On The Coast, or even the softer elements of Emarosa. Nowhere is this better evident than on their new single, “Bitter.” Drummer Michael Rivera explains:

“The recording process for ‘Bitter’ was by far the most natural studio experience we’ve had yet. This is the closest we’ve come to attaining ‘our’ sound.”

Commonwealth will be released later this year.

Variants will hit the road this summer with ForeverandNever; dates will be announced soon.