EXCLUSIVE: Five Knives get “blatantly honest and rude” on the dance-driven “Shake My Bones”

photo: Kenneth Cappello

Electro-dance quartet Five Knives sound like nothing else coming out of Nashville—and that’s the way they like it. The band have done their time both behind the DJ booth in clubs and playing live on the Warped Tour, which explains why their debut full-length Savages is designed to make you jump up and down in the pit and shake it on the dancefloor. Today, we’re debuting their new song “Shake My Bones,” which has a pretty direct message. Vocalist Anna M’Queen explains:

“A lot of the ideas for ‘Savages’ stem off of haunting, insane relationships we’ve had. When we sit down to write a song we just take those ideas and run with them. ‘Shake My Bones’ is about being unsatisfied sexually in a relationship. It’s about being in love with someone as a person but needing more from them physically. It’s probably one of the most raw, truly emotional songs on the album. It’s also blatantly honest and rude.”

Savages comes out June 2 on Red Bull Records.