EXCLUSIVE: Brigades go after organized religion with fervor on “Enemy”

South Carolina melodic hardcore quintet Brigades have come a long way since their first release, 2012’s The Last Laugh. They’ve shed the trappings of generic popcore, gotten considerably better as musicians and most importantly, frontman Darren Young has upped his game lyrically. All of this is evident on the band’s new full-length, Indefinite. Young explains:

“I’ve had so much happen to me personally in the past few years that I had to rise above. A lot of different lyrical content. Depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, shame, pride, love, hate, deficiency. There comes a point in the downfall of everyone’s life where you wonder if it’s indefinite. I dug as deep as I possibly could. Didn’t want to bottle anything up or hold back. Now that I got that release, I’m watching myself turn into a man that I’m happy to be finally.”


Today, we’re happy to bring you the first bit of new music from Indefinite, “Enemy.” The song covers some new lyrical ground for the band, and as Young says, it’s a pretty important topic to discuss:

“‘Enemy’ is a song about my personal thoughts on organized religion and how toxic it can be to everyone on this earth. It’s a little more political and controversial compared to most of the other songs, but definitely an important one.”

Indefinite will be released July 28 on Pure Noise and can be pre-ordered here.

Brigades currently have two shows on their calendar; now it’s your turn to put ’em on yours:

May 30 Thomas Creek Brewery Greenville, SC
Aug 15 Emporium Patchogue, NY