EXCLUSIVE: Listen to frequent Kevin Devine collaborator Brian Bonz’s dreamy cover of Tame Impala’s “Alter Ego”

photo: Doron Gild

Brooklyn musician Brian Bonz has been making music under his own name for more than a decade, releasing albums through Triple Crown Records, but lately he’s been just as busy playing with his friends. He frequently collaborates with fellow New Yorker Kevin Devine on a variety of his albums such as Brother’s Blood and Between The Concrete & Clouds as well as tours with him as a member of the Goddamn Band; Bonz also contributed to Taking Back Sunday guitarist John Nolan’s new solo record, out in July. But in between all of that, Bonz found time to create his new solo album, Misophonia, using nothing but Ableton and Pro Tools, which gives the album a distinct sound unlike anything else in the singer/songwriter’s back catalog. To celebrate the impending vinyl release of Misophonia, Bonz has released a cover of Tame Impala’s “Alter Ego” from the Australian band’s 2010 debut Innerspeaker. Bonz explains his motivation behind picking this song:

“Our band member, EJ DeCoske, awhile back really kept pushing me to hear Tame Impala. He finally took me to see them, and I learned all of my friends were listening to them. I dug deep into their records and love how hands-on Kevin Parker is with his production using Ableton. This track is on their first record, ‘Innerspeaker,’ which really stuck out to me. It’s a beautiful, fast, driving, sonic song and Kevin’s melody really stuck out to me—after reading his lyrics, I was compelled to record a version late night at Sunset 7 in Sunset Park Brooklyn where Kevin Devine and I have been tracking out a lot of. I had a blast creating this version.”

Misophonia is out now digitally on Six3 Collective and can be pre-ordered on vinyl here.